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Sparks aint sparks

Originally Posted by speakerbox View Post
Dear Sputins,
Yes it is a beautiful spot!

I finished the coil last night at tuned it to 128khz and 80khz.

The JavaTC and Dollard calculated frequencies.

The output was very poor and I don't see much point in further building or experimenting.

From experience I see two problems:
1. magnetic flux density is too low and coupling too loose due to the size of the primary.
2. primary and secondary coupling is too low due to coil arrangements
3. design requirements are nonsensical and stringent

I am not a engineer, these are my personal opinions I give as explanation why I am discontinuing my efforts.

I will go back to tube coils and try a bipolar arrangement or two coils 180 degrees out of phase.

Anyhow I gave it a go and it's time to move on.

I didn't witness any strange phenomenon and cranked the power past 2kw. The rf was higher than a normal TC but the dielectric field was weak.

I have produced very powerful dielectric fields and fractal like gas discharges with a tube coil as seen here: crazy rf from tesla coil - YouTube

Good luck to all.

It seems from your videos that you generally have the technical ability to build high power electrical apparatus. -Although I donít see how you can dismiss the given coil design and criteria so readily.

So what is it that you actually want to achieve with a tesla coil arrangement??

If you only want a big spark generator, then build solenoid coils. The guys from TCBOR (Tesla Coil builders of Richmond) are a good source of information on this. (I have 52Gb of material from them Ė 120hours). Their sparking type TMT coils can produce spark lengths 5 times the coil length. (been there, done that). It looks good, itís fun, makes lots of ozone, RF, blocks local TV reception but otherwise itís fairly useless..

Once youíre sick of making big sparks and want to learn what Tesla coils are really all about (communication / transmission of power devices and other possibilities) then turn towards the Dollard / TESLA design parameters and mode of operation. Although, if made and tuned correctly and pushing 2KW of power, you should see some fractal like discharges.

Iíd be more impressed with a 10cm fractal spark discharge (into Counterspace, like Dollards photo previously given) than a 100cm discharge of the normal variety type sparks from given from a solenoid VTTC or spark gap coil.
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