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Eric Laithwait

From Tesla society UK, I got an interesting video about Eric Laithwait, who
developed the maglev technology used in high speed trains, like Shinkansen in Japan.

Eric seems to have been experimenting with gyros in order to create levitation.

(Spoiler alert)
To summarize the movie, UK didn't want to build high speed trains which of course made Eric a bit desolutioned. Then some innovator showed Eric a machine that used a gyro on wheels, and the the gyro could move forward without at all affecting the wheels. This interested Eric who thought it was some kind of fraud, but it wasn't. He started using gyros for demonstrating different (what appear to be) unexplained effects which lead his former colleagues to declare him comndemned and not being serious (my words).

Interesting figure turns up in the documentary that claims that the discussions allowed to happen within science are being increasingly limited. Well spotted ...

The last parts of the movie Eric seems to have done some kind of break throw that he wants to pattern. No idea what it was yet, but will google for it soon. If someone knows about this, please tell.
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