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False Alarm.

Originally Posted by rhozzi View Post
All the orgone generators I made are cone shaped. I had never heard that pyramid shapes were harmful. My friend has used them for years and she is very healthy and most people think she is 30-40 years younger than her actual age...early 60's. Where can I check out the information about negative pyramid energy? I've tried many ways of dowsing and have yet to get consistantly accurate answers. Rhozzi

Oppps...sorry about the pyramid shape, misunderstanding/confused from the many info my friends been giving me. My statement just above's incorrect

Anyway pyramid shape emit negative green, and it's not new information. Some of the orgonite creations too emit negative green, pyramid shape or not but It depends how you blend your materials. Just search negative green and pyramid. Negative green is harmful, but not all of the pyramid's energy colors are harmful.

Dowsing is a skill as you know, like remote viewers, they are not 100% accurate. Unless you're a realized God. I know you'll agree.

another info about pyramid. Pyramid in Egypt was built by reptillians as my friend told me. Now it may be unbelievable for you, even for me but to check if he's right, what I did, I sorrugate dowsed it to my friend. And his answer was YES. That's just info.

So just google negative green to check pyramid negative energy as you ask.

And oh, what kind of pendulum are you using VC pendulum--accurate for checking colors, isis pendulum, bullet pendulum, or dowel wood pendulum. Do you use bobblers?

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