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I know Iv posted alot of schematics lately, I had an idea and had to run with it, this page is like a notebook.
Iv learned alot studying buck and boost converters I not only study but I build and test too.
Something important I have learned, current is a product of electron flow

Watch the buck converter simulation Buck Converters
When the transistor turns off the current takes a path through the diode, if current actually came from the pos of the battery when the switch turned off the current would continue to feed into the battery until it was exhausted.
But it doesnt it goes through the diode this bugged me for awhile until I put it in the perspective of electron flow.
We have to build our circuits to accommodate both.

Im sure you folks that have been at this for a long time already knew this but it was a revelation for me.
I continue to learn study and test.

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