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How things work

I'm not saying I have a direct answer to your question but consider what this little bit of history has to teach us.

Before the Wright brothers came along and built their large-at-the-time airplane that actually flew, there was already quite a history of attempts to fly. There were small contraptions that flew, similar in size to today's paper airplanes. It took a lot of hands on experimentation and the advance of technology, i.e. internal combustion prime movers, to enable their success.

(I resisted the urge to say "enabled their design to take off" ;-)

Anyway, you can't ask for the moon and not do the work to make things happen. If, for example, you had a device that truly put out more energy than you had to supply, incremental improvement would open a lot of possibilities. But even then, the work involved to scale up the technology would not be trivial.

The contributors to this forum that have their hands busy DOING experiments are the contributors that have my highest respect. Feel free to join in the fun and actually DO things.

Now let's address your comment about resonance, magnets, electricity, etc. The truth is that there are many, and I mean dozens rather than merely several, unexplained or poorly understood phenomena and anomalous observations that are widely discussed here and elsewhere. I would say that a full understanding of how these constructions work is almost nonexistent or at best severely limited. Very few researchers even CLAIM to understand what they have observed. However, when you survey the information available, it is easy to conclude that the varied devices are constructed of REAL physical components and these components have material characteristics. The electrical and magnetic attributes of these materials can NOT be ignored. They may be important or not but they cannot be ignored. Resonance, which is in the time domain, cannot be ignored either.

To summarize, to rule out the electrical and magnetic aspects and at the same time expect any kind of sensible answer to your question is unreasonable.

I don't mean to antagonize you, Clax, but you are not thinking clearly. If you are a troll, be gone! If you are serious, you need to consider what you want from the time you plan to spend on this site because you will not get a warm welcome if you come across as a shallow thinker.
There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.
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