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Update time. Im down to ~ 4 an a half bottles.

Here goes:
Initially, about 10 days before I started ASEA I had started another supplement. To that I hyperresponded with increased stamina and energy.

So, I could not attribute any changes to ASEA proper. I ran out of that supplement about 2 weeks ago. However, in the meantime I had started another rather experimental substance.

I find that my exercise routine is going great in the sense that it doesn't tire me out like it did, and I can push out a few more reps. This is great - *if* its the ASEA.

Unfortunately, the new substance I am taking is supposed to affect exactly that - so I cant be sure its ASEA, and given the cost, hope it isnt the ASEA.

My mother is a better test case - and she reports no major changes, being on ASEA for about a month.

Overall, I am unclear if ASEA is worth it. If it turns out ASEA is responsible for my increased exercise endurance - it will probably be worth the high price tag - unfortunately my gut tells me it just aint so (not to mention my mother's experience).

Will have to test more. May get another 3 cases sometime next year for a proper self test.

FWIW, will update when Im out of ASEA in about a month.
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