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3 Battery System

The Idea here is to flip all the batteries; by rotation they will all gain a charge. The machine requires a computer to do the switching or a switching circuit with a pic controller. I use to do this by hand to charge dead dry cell batteries when I had no money to buy batteries. They lasted long enough for me to get the job done. Alkaline batteries lasted much longer. Mechanical switches have been made that rotate the batteries through contacts. The original idea I learned from taking my house keys and basically causing brush discharges across the poles to cause them to charge so I could use my radio again. The original circuit still can be found on the internet which I did draw in a paint program, others have changed the information to suit themselves. The Bill and Ray circuit did the same thing using capacitors, this device I talked about on the bill Jenkins show in the early 80ís, that program can still be found in sound clips on the internet. What caused the battery to charge was an energy flip or a magnetic reversal which causes the di-pole to compress and then expand where the energy exceeds the short circuit voltage with a huge spike. This is not Back EMF as back EMF is always lower than the battery voltage. Itís the compression in the magnetic field. When the current is released the gathered radiant surrounding energy in vectors is compressed and released and that energy is much increased in voltage not current. This works like an expanding and contracting balloon. Another analogy is the combustion engine. Think about what I just said to you all.
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