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Wayne, it's somewhat odd that Dr. Rima makes a clear distinction between Nano-silver and colloidal silver. Dunno.
If you look all around at the various assaults; chemtrails, aspartame, bad drugs, bad vaccines, bad food,,, ask yourself, cui bono? HFCS is the preferred nutrient for cancer cells. Nobody is getting rich off of HFCS. Same with aspartamine. Nobody is getting rich. After the FDA turned it down for approval 16 times, Donald Rumsfeld pushed it through. Chemtrails are run by the U.N. Nobody is getting rich at the U.N. Baxter knowingly sold poison vaccine. They make enough money already. Why push poison?
Big Pharma is a major investor in the junk-food industry. I can see the payback there. Much of what kills us is not such a big money maker. It seems to be done just to kill,,, effect a cull. Actually, I believe that it is more of a forced "molt".
You starve you birds for a week so that you aren't wasting food on the weak ones,,, the non-producers.
America and the NATO bases are supposed to be the major drug distribution centers. While there is a lot of money to be made in drugs, I suspect that there is a different agenda. As a generalization, both drugs and junk food are more likely to appeal to those who have minimal self-control. These people are weakened by poison in their system. The tailored doses in the chemtrails eliminate the weak ones.
These assaults also select for intelligence. Alternative media is saturated with stories about the dangers of vaccines, junk food, chemtrails, etc, etc. More intelligent people are not as easily fooled by the lies and propaganda on MSM. They are more likely to look at the net for more complete information.
It is unlikely that the PTB want to kill everybody on earth. The ongoing cull tries to preserve the smart and resourceful.
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