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Ebola vs. Financial Collapse

Hey, I agree with you, at least in part. Scenario 1. The economy collapses, people refuse to buy and sell the way they did in the past. Businesses and Banks can't make a profit. Stock market plunges. Banks close. People turn violent, etc. Scenario 2. Ebola scare becomes uncontrollable. People stay indoors, etc. Transportation services, land and air, become dysfunctional. Proceed with Scenario 1. It seems logical to me. Another story with the same end result.

Hey. I found a counter argument to my Ebola Hoax ploy. Both of these hypotheses are by sources with a financial gain to be made. So, both are equally suspect of having an ulterior motive. Therefore, consider them with the proverbial grain of salt. For this one, I'll just give you the links.

Another Ebola Military Smoking Gun :: Dr. Rima Truth Reports

Dr. Rima, Is Ebola a Hoax? :: Dr. Rima Truth Reports

Happy Reading (not)
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