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Meditative Coil

Ok, here is another coil experience. Using the same sensing technique from my previous post, I did experiment again with a coil with specific coil length and the feeling was good and relaxing. I noticed I relaxed and there was a pressure in my forehead in brow cakra, thus this coil kind of stimulate third eye cakra. A meditative feeling, feels good, as my two friends who have been testing this coil for some time noticed it too.

Even my previous coil that irritated me (really irritated as I looked back, like a child having tantrums! LOL) was in specific length. The irritating coil length was 44.6 inches, and I tell you this length is chaotic and itís octave. I and my friends had tested this coil and we all agreed, it is chaotic and dangerous and also we think it sucks life force. Now to all of those who still want to use this coil (now that I have revealed it for all of you to be careful and be safe) to still harm others, I hope the theory of karma is valid. Now if you just want to experiment like I did for you to know if our assessment is valid you may do so, BUT after that destroy the chaotic coil. How to destroy it? Wash the coil first with soap and water because the coil has your DNA (in radionics this is called witness sample), obviously you touched it or even if you had gloves when doing this coil, we constantly shed DNA, and the coil might have your DNA. Then cut the coil into pieces. However I donít encourage you to do this coil experiment, because it attracts negative energy, and you donít want this subtle negative energy in your space, do you? Since I made that coil, I noticed peculiar events happened. Now, you might be wondering I only intend to inject paranoia for you to be discouraged to do this experiment. No, I am just telling the possibilities.

A coil is an antennae, it receive, absorb, accumulate and transmit energies, good or bad depending on lengths.

In regards to coil, there are discussions on forums how to wind a coil counter clockwise or clockwise. Iíd say from this moment the length of the coil is what matters most. Even the number of coil turns should be considered.

By having these experiences re specific lengths and I realized on Pavlitaís psychotronic device, besides the geometry, I believe he also utilized measurement.

Lastly, if anyone asked about this specific length of this seemingly meditative coil, I donít think I have the permission to reveal it at this moment. This length is also applicable, on tubes, pipes and some. If my friends give a go signal, even it will affect my trade secrets then I will tell it to anyone deserving, this will be our service to humanity.

Be safe,
Henrii Arias
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