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Virus DNA

About 1% of white males can contract the HIV virus without getting full blown AIDS. Lancet reports that there may be many people with a natural immunity to ebola. Are Some People Immune to Ebola? - The Epoch Times
Keep in mind that up to 50% of our DNA is virus or virus-like. Studies seem to show that viruses are responsible for part of our not-so-random genetic mutation. Segments of virus DNA drive a part of our evolution. People who have a natural immunity may very well have existing virus DNA in their genome that confers immunity. 8% of our DNA is from retro-viruses.
We Are Viral From the Beginning : The Loom
Viruses seem to be responsible for a large part of horizontal transfer of DNA.

If that isn't confusing enough, there is very good evidence that electrostatic fields can force organisms( in egg form) to revert to a more primitive genotype. English -
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