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Originally Posted by wayne.ct View Post
I also read that Ebola is a hoax perpetrated by Big Pharm, as its called. The CDC, etc. are all lying. One point of evidence is the fact that can't keep their story straight and they basically contradict each other and even contradict themselves. They seem to thing we are stupid. Perhaps the whole thing is like SARS, swine flu and any other number of other scares that never amounted to much. If a vaccine is announced the fearful public will pay dearly for it and the big pharmaceutical company will rake in a big profit.

How's that for a conspiracy?
We ARE going to crash in a big way. When the banks close, a lot of people are going to be very angry. There would be great violence that would necessitate a lockdown. Now, if we had a lockdown because of a pandemic, that would be another story.
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