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Boosting your immune system

Just a couple of suggestions for disease prevention. As most everyone knows, we are under constant assault on our health. The former head of the Western States FBI has confirmed that the U.N is behind chemtrails.
Also, do a search on .... increased respiratory illness..... Lovely, it seems that Los Angeles now has necrotizing Pneumonia.
Bill Gates hopes to reduce world population by 8--10% with a "good" vaccination program.
This is all old news.
Your one area of focus should be to strengthen your immune system. This starts with your gut bacteria. One course of antibiotics can severely muck up your colonies. Protect your bacteria. Your body has more bacteria cells than it has human cells. Mother's milk is 20% sugars that the baby can not digest. These sugars are there to nourish the bacteria that the mother sent to the baby.
There are many plants and nutrients that strengthen your immune system. One of the very best is black elderberry. In tests, it protected against LETHAL INJECTIONS of avian flu. Much of the original research was done by Madeleine Mumcuoglu, Elderberry for Colds and Influenza

Dr. David Williams has some excellent suggestions for strengthening your immune system. Ebola: Just One More Reason to Be Prepared | Dr. David Williams
One item that he doesn't mention here is beta-glucan. I take a form sold as "immutol". Immutol Beta Glucan

Silver kills all single cell organisms. The mechanism was recently discovered. How Silver kills bacteria finally revealed
Here is a writeup on the various silver products. Colloidal Silver: Separating Fact From Myth - HD.COM
Don't forget echinacea. https://www.drchristophersherbshop.c...ductCode=HP411
Something else that should be considered is H2O2. Your white blood cells create hydrogen peroxide to kill invaders. Many people have had good luck supplementing with food grade H2O2.
HMS Press Release - Hydrogen peroxide marshals immune system
Oxygen is a poison to many single-cell pathogens. Hyperbaric oxygen has been used successfully as a treatment for flesh eating bacteria. Dr. Whitaker has done a lot of work with alternative treatments. Wellness Center, Healthy Living, Natural Healing
If ebola doesn't keep you busy, there is still Marburg. WHO | Marburg virus disease - Uganda
Keep in mind that ebola cases have been doubling every 3 weeks.
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