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This is just an opinion, but I think biology is on our side. Im not saying this isn't a problem of monumental proportions, it is, but in the long run there is some good news.

A successful virus does not kill its host as this prevents it from successfully replicating. Ebola does, which means in the long term Ebola will devastate many people and kill more, but during the process it eliminates its ability to replicate. During this time it will also mutate and eventually become less of a problem, so that it will be less of a threat to remaining people. It wont wipe out the human race.

Our problem is short term. How do we avoid getting infected with a virus that our governments seem hell bent on spreading and how do we survive it if we do get it?

The next problem is can we trust any vaccine manufacturers that come up with vaccines? The truth is we cant, but we may be out of options if we do get it.

I am sure there is some alternative treatments that will be effective but you can expect them to be in short supply as this progresses and the price is sure to go up.

Where I live there is a problem with flesh eating bacteria, I don't know if it is strep or staf, but it is also highly antibiotic resistant. Doctors are still using antibiotics in huge doses against it, but it is getting less and less effective. Silver is effective but doctors are still claiming it is dangerous. Some are starting to wake up but its a slow process.

I recently had one of these infections so I'm speaking from experience.

I think we need to do some preparing.

Keep posting and keep us informed.
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