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ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules

Originally Posted by evilbaga View Post
Just updating:

Bought some off of eBay (trying it out before signing up), about 5 weeks ago.

Im on my fifth bottle. Problem is, I started some other supplements at the same time - not sure what is affecting what.

Overall though - I feel ASEA is doing nothing.
I take 2 oz on waking up - so I know its an empty stomach. And 2 more, when Im, usually, sure its been 1+ hrs after any food.

Spraying it in my eyes really makes my eyes feel good is the only solid thing I can attribute to it.

I seem to be losing a little weight but am unsure if its the ASEA that is doing that.

I started my mother on it as well - about 2.5 weeks ago. Shes a better case study as she doesn't take many supplements - so far she feels nothing, except possibly requiring less sleep.

As we both have a 3 month supply - we will stick to it and hope something happens.
90 days is a good test for any supplement so you're all set.

If you were able to get your glutathione levels measured, you should be able to find these are elevated substantially at 3 months - SOD and catalayse enzymes as well.

The ASEA causes the release of belly fat into the blood stream to be used as energy - it is more energy dense than sugar/carbs or protein. This is what the Human Performance Laboratory in their double blind cross over placebo study showed. Saltwater did nothing but ASEA changed so many metabolic markers that it blew them away - never saw anything like it. This is what has enabled professional triathletes to take an entire HOUR off their time, when many struggle to reduce their times by a few minutes.

This video has the researchers giving the breakdown of what they witnessed in this study at the Human Performance Laboratory:

Requiring less sleep is reported by many people and I've experienced it myself still to this day after several years of daily use.
Aaron Murakami

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