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Originally Posted by parkham View Post
If one can get COP 2 then I say it's well worth experimenting with. Thanks for the responses.
If you're goal is to produce heat, off the shelf heat pump hot water makes blow that away like the Siebel Eltron's top model.

And take note there was some extended running time from the recharging pulses but it damages the battery.

If I were to get involved in with that circuit again, I'd take the spike to a completely separate diode to a completely separate battery to recover those spikes to get a battery to be in either charge or discharge mode. That means you can't use the mosfet with the internal diode since it directs the spike right back to the source. Probably a transistor circuit just like SG would work and a dedicated diode at the emitter that takes the spike to a separate battery.

Nunnerley stated way back that he or a friend was getting excess heat from an Ainslie variation with a hot water heater resistor but never showed a schematic that I know of. And a friend of mine in Croatia was generating overunity heat with a similar circuit but was using capacitive discharge into the inductive resistor instead of a pulsed battery.

I don't think all is lost with these experiments - but you simply have to disregard anything that Ainslie says about it.
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