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Just updating:

Bought some off of eBay (trying it out before signing up), about 5 weeks ago.

Im on my fifth bottle. Problem is, I started some other supplements at the same time - not sure what is affecting what.

Overall though - I feel ASEA is doing nothing.
I take 2 oz on waking up - so I know its an empty stomach. And 2 more, when Im, usually, sure its been 1+ hrs after any food.

Spraying it in my eyes really makes my eyes feel good is the only solid thing I can attribute to it.

I seem to be losing a little weight but am unsure if its the ASEA that is doing that.

I started my mother on it as well - about 2.5 weeks ago. Shes a better case study as she doesn't take many supplements - so far she feels nothing, except possibly requiring less sleep.

As we both have a 3 month supply - we will stick to it and hope something happens.
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