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Originally Posted by purelyconstructive View Post
Sounds intriguing! What did you find?

...And thank you so much for the book on the Aoristos. It is very thought provoking! In general, I find Plotinus' words quite humbling and I enjoy your interpretations.
ill hold my tongue for a while on what I found until I find a bit more information.

I pretty much always felt for certain that Russell never wrote his main work.

ALso it made NO sense that his LATER works were so inferior to his first book.

No author has ever done this when it comes to technical fields.

By the way, have you SEEN or READ Russells first 3 books?

Theyre childrens books , literally they are on the order of "See spot run, see dick and jane chase down the road"

...literally that.

The Sea Children, 1901
The Bending of the Twig, 1903
The Age of Innocence, 1904

Translating Plotinus is tough stuff, of the 4 who tried, 2 tried to commit suicide, its that hard.

1. ancient greek
2. ancient greek with heavy metaphor
3. ancient greek philosophical shorthand
4. cryptic ancient greek.

its literally a colossal mind screw to dare attempt to translate a PAGE of it, much less 100s.
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