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Originally Posted by Allcanadian View Post

You know it is a peculiar thing that so few people reach this point you have just touched on. They speak of aether and waves and fields however the context in which they use the terms has no real meaning because they are never defined in any way. It is as if they have drawn a line in the sand in terms of their understanding and perception which for some strange reason they are unwilling cross.

There is gold in the golden lion, but NO lion in the GOLD.

Ether modalities are of 4 diff. natures, but its all still one Principle differentiated by its attributional qualifiers etc.

But that I have said Russell failed on many fronts, I would be remiss and a dirty SOB &#*($ to wag my finger at Russell who laid down "half the road to Rome" as it were for many other peoples.
half or better is more than enough for most people with a brain to make the rest of the way.

I certainly wont BitC-H at Russell for passing out free ice cream and then call him a putz for forgetting the nuts, sprinkles and chocolate on top.

I know people like that and I wont be one myself.

I can only think of one person in the past 2000 years that actually got it all right, that being Plotinus.

Considering Russell had a wife and he was dabbling in lots of things and carving statues, he did damn well and I wont really fault him. Id be an ass.

He did the best with what he knew and had, and he did a damn good job, despite what is lacking.

Besides, who can despise a guy that can carve marble like this?


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