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However this means NOTHING.
waves OF WHAT
fields OF WHAT

saying wave is no different than saying HOT, HAPPY, IGNORANT, etc.
wave and field is an empirical qualifier, an attribute said of the QUALITY or attribute of another Principle, a noun, a thing.

The very qualifying term WAVE means absolutely and utterly NOTHING.
If however I said "waves of water which are composed of H20 which....etc etc"
This is where DESCRIPTIONS diverge from EXPLANATIONS.
Descriptions are the 'realm of the pathetic and inept, the ignorant'.
Explanations however........
You know it is a peculiar thing that so few people reach this point you have just touched on. They speak of aether and waves and fields however the context in which they use the terms has no real meaning because they are never defined in any way. It is as if they have drawn a line in the sand in terms of their understanding and perception which for some strange reason they are unwilling to cross.

I have read some of Russell's work with all the pretty pictures however it is lacking in any real substance in my opinion. It is as always the skin of an onion with all of the most fundamental layers hidden from view as is most everything I have read. So I would have to agree that the descriptions so many use are basically meaningless once one understands what may be happening on the most fundamental level.

Cymatics is a good example of the illusions of substance we have created in our minds ie. Russell. Take a flat plate then throw on some sand and start vibrating the plate and you may witness our pseudo-universe in action. The creation of space and substance, of magical lines of force and aetherial vorticies...but it's just sand and a little vibration. So when I hear people speak of fields and waves and spins and charges, of magnetism and dielectric planes I have to scratch my head. As if a person might say oh look see that pattern in the sand over there that's magnetism and that pattern there is charge, see the field pattern and how the force acts at ninety degree's, see the spin. They might see all of these things without ever knowing exactly what it is they are seeing, I'm not sure I even understand what it is they think they are seeing any more, I know I used to see what they think they see but that seems like a very long time ago.

The question I think everyone should ask is what if at the most fundamental level our universe was stupid simple?. I have seen the big picture momentarily every now and then in my happy place and it appears to be stupid simple it's just that it's very large. It is however fleeting in it's nature and my mind wants to revert to it's old bad habits... that magnetic electric field wave nonsense. You see once we have seen what we call the primary fields, inertia, matter, space etc.. for what they really are then how we percieve them and the context in which we use the terms seems to make no sense at all.

It's no wonder Russell, Tesla, Schauberger etc.. used such abstract terminology and raises the question how do we explain something without meaningful terms to fully explain it?. I'm still thinking on that one.


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