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Originally Posted by purelyconstructive View Post
It is only "creationist" in the sense that this reality being extended from The ONE can be considered a creative act.

In all seriousness though, my apologies if it came off as if I was trying to force my opinions on you.

. So while they may use a smattering of Christian terminology here and there

There as much a "smattering" of Creationism and God (not merely symbolically) in Russells works as there is a "smattering" of calories in a Lard & Sugar factory.

No, you didnt come off as trying to "force" anything.

Russell in no uncertain terms speaks of God in specific, and not symbolically.

Russells "doubly charged sphere"
(likely due to ineptitude on his part and a complete and 100% total lack of ANY education [which isnt all that bad, since educations are mostly brainwashing, however he still is inept in his lexicon and verbiages] ) would confuse MOST people, he means Absolute or True inertia

True Ether potential without any actualization. The who verbiage of "doubly charged sphere" is just absurd, sillyass, and most people would never made a damn thing out of such verbiage on his part.

Russell has lots of crazyass sayings as this. I know what he means, but its just a total Screwup in Royal-Blue.

Originally Posted by purelyconstructive View Post
While I can't speak for Walter and Lao,
I agree. U Probably cant.

but then, nobody can but them, and only their works remain.

but THEN you SAY:

Originally Posted by purelyconstructive View Post
Originally Posted by Walter & Lao Russell

I didnt know they posted anything on this board.

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