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Originally Posted by purelyconstructive
Is there any particular aspect of Walter & Lao's work you wanted to focus on, or should we just pick up from the point we left off?
If it is up to me...
Could you answer 2 questions first? (and then continue from where you left off)
- in the second last image you see 4 rings being compressed into a hemisphere. As I imagine it; +1 has one big ring, getting compressed the density increases, more "matter" in less space, thus +2 has 2 medium rings and +3 has 3 small rings. Then in the +4 state this becomes a hemisphere. This part sounds more or less logical to me, but why are there 4 rings in 0? Or perhaps I should ask: What is the precise meaning of these rings?

- in the last image you assign an imaginary dimension to the horizontal axis, while if you take it back to the initial cubic lattice it is a real dimension just as the vertical. Is this just a mathematical trick to make it easier to describe or is there any deeper meaning in it?

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