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Vcr Bearing?

Originally Posted by garrypm View Post
Hi Mikey,
Did you take the time to watch his overunity flywheel -

Flywheel Energy Overunity - YouTube

Would like to know the motor type that he claims is from a VCR.

Cheers, Garry
Hi Gary

Not really sure of all of his details but it reminded me of the Newman motor coil that most people thought was a hoax for the last 50 years.

The bedini window motor windings are not exactly the same but close.

I think with his broken English he is hard to understand but maybe he got the bearing out of a VCR for free letting people know where to get good ones.

He says the coil is out of a microwave oven transformer.

I post this stuff because almost no one has any practical O.U and this guy makes it childs play.

Pretty insulting hey? Well I cried "UNCLE" quite awhile back finding O.U. and now it seems to fall into my lap.

I was making it out to be hard. Just get some magnets and coils, that is too easy.

I watched it again and the tiny motor is out of a VCR for opening the drawer.

The big one is a gear reduced stepper motor out of a paint machine he says.


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