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For quite a while I bought a single 1/16 inch iron rod every time I went to Lowes. I have a bundle of them two inches in diameter and planned on building this some day. I even experimented with wrapping it with wire, but never got around to any serious testing.

There is a dutch patent that is very similar to this, only at the end of his core he has a nonconductive spacer and then a magnet with the same diameter as the iron rod. I don't remember any other specifics of that patent, and can't seem to find it.

Found the one I was looking for:

There is a much better diagram of it here: but you have some other stuff to wade through to get to it. Some of you might like that stuff you have to wade through.

On another note, here is someone working on something that has some things similar to what Matt and I have been talking about. He also has some things that are quite different.
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