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In any public forum you're going to get all kinds of wonky responses from people who don't understand your presentation. A new concept often has to be repeated over and over for people to get it.
Inventor types usually don't have the kind of patience it takes to be a good teacher.
I have had detractors in the past who forced me take a closer look at what I had brought to the table. They made me to put into words what I sometimes only vaguely understood. A healthy amount of skepticism is necessary to keep the project grounded.
Angry or frustrated people don't generally provide healthy skepticism, which tends to annoy everybody. I don't know how you get around it, but it's part of the nature of the beast and needs to be born with patience and resignation.
That said, I'm a firm advocate of the "build more, talk less" school of discovery. I realize that not everyone's a builder. Nonbuilders don't realize what a handicap this is and think that the mind is sufficient to resolve new concepts. I can't tell you how many theories I've had which stood up to rigorous mental scrutiny and utterly failed on the bench. That's why I build.
New discovery is a long and difficult process. Working together with a positive and hopeful attitude will go a long way towards solving problems instead of creating new ones