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I can barely stand to come to this forum anymore. Most of the builders I have worked with for so many years have given up and moved on, although I am in contact with MANY of them by email or phone on occasion. All we are left with now are a bunch of folks who jump from thread to thread posting videos they have seen on YouTube that they believe are "for real" and a bunch of others who feel compelled to share how the "THEORY" they have come up with applies to every possible thread on the forum.

That was NEVER the purpose of this forum. NEVER.
I believe the purpose of this forum is to share our thoughts and insight's with one another. However we should understand that sharing means giving and to truly give something means there can be no strings attached.

We could also think of this forum as a transition point because anyone who has been here for any length of time understands that the people who may actually have something that matters always leave this place for greener pastures without sharing what they have learned. It is an unfortunate truth and in the words of cannot prove anything to anyone who will not prove the matter for themselves.

So I believe we should take what is given at face value, it is what it is, and if anyone really wanted to give away all they have learned they would have. The question is, if you really have something and claim to want to share it then why haven't you?, why not just lay it out for everyone to see just as you would expect them too?. You see that's not the way we operate is it and I only share maybe 5% and most is only the stuff I feel has no real commercial value. I have no problem admitting this openly and as such I have low expectations of others sharing anything of real value.

In any case if we expect people to be honest and openly share everything then we should do the same with no string is a two way street and what goes around comes around.