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purpose of this thread

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I was just a watcher back when John was posting here frequently, but I watched him as he was challenged time after time after time. I saw Matt go through the same crap on the Use for the Tesla Switch thread long after John quit posting there.

I was at the first conference, but haven't been able to make it back for a second round yet. Life got in the way. I know John likes to leave SOMETHING out when he gives us info because he worked hard for the expertise he has, and everyone just wants to be spoon fed all the answers instead of having to work for the solution. There's helping, and then there's doing it FOR someone.

Matt and I want to work with some folks who actually want to BUILD something and improve upon it, without having to listen to the useless babbling of people who say it can't be done or want to spend all their time trying to cram THEIR theory down OUR throats. We have some things that work. We though about starting small and taking folks through a building process step by step, and not giving them the next step until they show they have completed the previous one correctly. Matt tried something like that on the Tesla switch thread, and it was a pain in the butt for him.

I have a tie in with a Major Sillicon Valley corporation whose chief electrical research engineer has been down in my basement and seen my 3BGS running on one of the GOOD days when it was doing things he could not explain. And he was using HIS meters. So they have been supplying me with lots of free stuff. Magnets, all the AWG 18 wire I can possibly use, and they are even prepared to buy me a coil winder when I get my new shop up and running. They are interested in the potential of some of the things we have been working on.

We thought about just grabbing some of the people we know and going to a private forum to do this where we can uninvited anyone who doesn't get with the program, but thought we would give it a shot here first. Matt has his own server and has hosted us at other times. But like Matt said, we grew up here.

I'll look forward to the progress! It's your thread so if you only want people to post here after they actually build something the moderators will help enforce it.

There are a few private forums here for people's private projects and there are options to have a pw protected forum, etc... only for people building. All that can be setup here. I think it is best to have it in the open so everyone can learn and just delete unwelcome posts.

If people are skeptical or whatever, they're welcome to start a new thread and do what they want as long as they don't disrupt the conversation.
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