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have to charge batteries matched for the size of the SSG

Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
Bedini SSG worked nicely made from old child bicycle wheel....though I was unable to desulphate my dead batteries...maybe my fault.
The reason for this in most cases is that too big of a battery is being charged with a certain size coil. There are people who have a single power winding of 150 feet 18 awg for example and they're trying to charge a car battery. Ideally, it has to all be matched.

On a 7 transistor circuit to spec in our book, we can draw 1.3 amps so * 20 = 26 amp hour battery at a c20 rate so 7 power windings at 150 feet of 18 awg I believe and 1 trigger of same size is a pretty good match for a 26 amp hour battery.

20-30 amp range will be fine that is the upper limit to what that particular SSG should charge. Charging a 600cca - roughly 60ah battery with a machine that size isn't going to cut it. Lucky to push it to 11-12 volts or so, which isn't enough when it needs to go to 15.0-15.2 for flooded cell batts for the final topping charge.

Not sure if you're using batteries too big but point is, has to be matched.
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