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John Bedini

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
You stated Dave that you didn't think John Bedini failed us in the instructions of the BUILD HE TOLD US TO make, right?

Well that is right. The Build that John has us all building is the one where he states you have everything you need. Right? Right!!!!


As far as the SG/SSG - our SG handbooks are the only authorized books on the subject that give the EXACT specs that John uses to build his own. We even show how to match the transistors, etc...

For the "Ferris Wheel" shown as the conference, it had a COP minimum of 3.0. Not only did it keep the back batteries charged up, the front batteries never dropped. Everyone was allowed to look at the machine up close and John even had a drill and a hole saw and asked if anyone wanted to drill holes in the coil stands to see if anything was hidden in there. Nobody took him up on that offer - there is nothing in there however. The only thing he didn't show was his cap discharge circuit.

In any case, a machine that big can't just be build by anyone - the coils alone cost thousands of dollars in wire - those coils were bigger than the batteries and someone can kill themselves with coils like that if they get the discharge into their hand because they don't know what they're doing. This machine had the lower circuit and the upper circuit around the axle, which is related to the moon boot circuit and almost nobody is going to easily find those magnets he used.

John was kind enough to personally post stuff here for quite a few years and everyone that has been around knows what happens. We get a bunch of clowns who think they know everything yet they know nothing. They claim something doesn't work because they've been brainwashed in school - they build nothing to actually find out and if and when they do, they don't even build it as instructed. That has been the case for years and is no surprise why you don't see John post here anymore. The other forum is the only place he will post anymore.
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