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You are talking about the monopole, SG, SSG, etc., which is what John came up with AFTER he was threatened and quit talking about the device he shared in the Free Energy Generation book. I have built lots of monopoles, and had figured out a few of the things John left out of his instructions. Some by accident, some by working with others who were experimenting. Some were gifts given to me by folks much smarter than I am. But the monopole or SSG is NOT what I am talking about here. There are STILL things about that build John has not shared. Maybe in the advanced book he will. But I am not holding my breath.

I am talking about his basic free energy device. And no, John did not share everything about THAT build in the book either. But that's ok. We have the information we need.

You are right. And that is what I said. Develop your OWN theory and implement it in your OWN build and then share your results. Just don't come here and spout theory until we all drown in it. We have had more than enough of that.

I am not going to show video of a working device. Videos can be faked. But I will help those who are interested and willing to take a journey of exploration. And when you have a working device on YOUR bench, what do you need a video of mine for?

There are dozens of folks who have built the basic 3BGS setup who have seen that they can get run times far beyond what their batteries should be capable of. That alone is a demonstration of a working "free energy" device. In almost 9 years of working with that setup, I have seen free energy on many occasions. If you have never seen a working free energy device, I am sad for you. I have seen several. But just because you can get more out than you put in does NOT mean you have solved the problem. There are losses in ANY system that have to be overcome. Getting a COP of 1.5 is not nearly enough.

Here's a little experiment for you. Take three good batteries and charge them up. Hook them up in parallel to a motor that is turning the flywheel and rotor next to two coils like I talked about, and run it until the motor stops. Time your run.

Now, recharge your batteries and hook up three batteries in the 3BGS configuration and run that same motor turning the flywheel and rotor next to the coils. Stop when the voltage on Battery 3 gets to about 15 volts and rotate your batteries. Stop your timer too. See how long the setup runs when you do this.

Now imagine you are PULSING that motor instead of running it continually. And that you are rotating the batteries. And that you are collecting the output from the coils in a cap bank. Imagine you have the right gauge of wire, the right number of strands, the right distance between the magnet and the rotor. Imagine you have a core that is not attracted to the magnets, yet produces more magnetic flux than iron. Imagine running your generator as a pulse motor until you have attained the rpm needed to overcome magnetic lock and still having it generate and fill up your caps. Might all those things plus a dozen others add up to a highly efficient device that actually produces some power? If you can't imagine that, this is not the place for you.

If you want to build, I am here to help. If you want to theorize, demand proof or insist it can't be done, I will waste no time on you. I won't bother to respond. I am too busy actually building things.

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