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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
So now we have your "Theory" of the ways to build an energy device. Exactly what I asked NOT happen. Congratulations, you have proven beyond a doubt that you have nothing to contribute except theory
1. I never write about free energy, so there is nothing to attack. (in the book)

I mention POSSIBLES on this forum, but unlike other Yahoos, I never ever state "hey, heres free energy"


2. Tesla said Theory was of utmost importance, otherwise he said something to the effect that Edison could have avoided making 1000s of failures on lightbulbs rather than working out the THEORY in his head first.

You should take Teslas advice in this area.

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
The components John listed for a working machine are exactly the components I have in a machine that works, so I would have to disagree with you on your statement about John. You are entitled to your opinion and your "theories", but I would rather deal with facts.

What facts? I see (nor anyone else) none of the WILD CLAIMS made about Johns device manifesting.

This is a lot of talk about Unicorns,.......... so, produce one for the rest of us.

Working? Working YES,..........producing free energy? lets see it. Possible? Surely so. Less talk, more videos more PROOF.

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Most will do as TA and Farmhand have done. Come on a thread where I proposed we build something and do everything they can to derail it with negative statements.
Not so at all, I will be the LAST person to derail anyone that produces HONEST GENUINE empirical proof. Genuine experiments have all my support, direct that anger somewhere else.

Im on the side of the experimenters.
Im running so many experiments myself Im running myself into the dirt resetting them and testing them, its a pain in the arse as you very well know.

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I am not selling kits or books or charging for workshops.
Im not selling anything EITHER, since you cleverly left that part out

Ive yet to see ANYONE here or otherwise trying to DERAIL you from experimenting and producing.

1. turn off computer
2. go produce "X"
3. Verify the results
4. Show everyone else OR......
5. Get a patent on it and get rich THEN show everyone else.

Nobody here is suggesting you stop anything, nor derailing you from ANYTHING you want to create or do.

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