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Stephen Brown,
That is the same conference where I met Matt. I had a hotel room with an extra bed so I had invited Duncan to stay with me since he flew in from England. Matt was kind enough to drive an hour and a half round trip to pick me up at the airport and bring me back to the hotel. We had never met before that. And when it was time to leave he gave both Duncan and myself a ride back to the airport. I have since visited Matt at his home and have seen some of the things he has worked on. I know what he has built and what he has actually working, which is more than I can say about anybody else who is posting on the forum. Matt is a builder. When he says something doesn't work, it is likely because he has built it and tested it and put in the time and effort to try and make it work. When he says something DOES work, it is because he has a working model.

You say John is wrong. Apparently you didn't read my thread, or just don't care. So now we have your "Theory" of the ways to build an energy device. Exactly what I asked NOT happen. Congratulations, you have proven beyond a doubt that you have nothing to contribute except theory, so from now on I can simply ignore you. I don't know why you bothered to even comment here. You have started like five threads of your own and you comment on every single thread on the forum. Can't you just let this one alone so that people who want to build don't have to listen to your endless babble? The components John listed for a working machine are exactly the components I have in a machine that works, so I would have to disagree with you on your statement about John. You are entitled to your opinion and your "theories", but I would rather deal with facts.

I know how to measure power out vs power in. It isn't difficult. You are absolutely correct about batteries. I have seen all kinds of wonky readings out of batteries over the last ten years of experimenting. I am not going to argue with anyone about whether or not working device can be built. That is a complete waste of my time. If you don't have a prototype sitting on your bench, how do you know it doesn't work? If you DO have a prototype, lets discuss how to improve it and MAKE it work. If that can't be done, then you can tell everyone what an idiot I am. That should make you happy. Acceleration under load happens, but only with resistive loads. I can make that happen all day long, but I want to run more than resistive loads.

I am about BUILDING SOMETHING, not arguing whether or not it is possible. If you want to build, lets get busy. If you want to theorize and whine and argue that it can't work, please go away. You have NO business on this thread.

The proof is in the math folks. No one should believe anything they see in some video. What they SHOULD believe is a device sitting in front of them on their own bench that they can put their own meters on and test. But most of you won't take the time or spend the money. AND IT DOES take money. You have to be willing to wind lots of different coils before you get one that will do what you want, and copper aint cheap.

Most will do as TA and Farmhand have done. Come on a thread where I proposed we build something and do everything they can to derail it with negative statements. I can tell you right now that I will respond to no more statements by either one of them. They have shown in their first post that all they want to do is talk and prevent actual building from going on. Why is that, I wonder?

If you can show me a battery attached to a motor and flywheel running a
rotor with magnets on it and two coils that you have wound, we have some common ground to begin a discussion. If not, please don't bother to post here. Can I be any more clear than that? You don't need to be the self appointed Guardian of the Galaxy making sure I don't lead someone down the wrong path. I am not selling kits or books or charging for workshops. I am trying to form a group of like minded individuals who are willing to build a device and improve it. Why can't you naysayers just leave us alone and let us do that? Why do you feel you HAVE to stick your nose in and comment? PLease just go away and babble on someone else's thread. Please. Pretty Please. There, I asked nicely.

“Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
—Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist