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Stephen, If anyone asks too many of the right/wrong kind of questions they
generally get abused by the gallery in quick time, almost like there is a group
of zealots ready to swoop on anything that resembles a question that requires
a solid answer that makes sense.

Believe me I've tried it.

Try asking one of the experimenters in one of UFO's threads what the best in
to out efficiency they have achieved to date and see if you can get a straight

Try explaining to people that you have built multiple devices that show all the
same effects shown by many of the claimants of free energy or OU that keep
being revived like the Thane Heins stuff. Acceleration under load BS and the
reduced input with load claptrap. It's all normal and can be easily explained
but people don't accept it so the BS continues.

What can be done when it is just allowed to happen.

We see the results now of unrestrained BS, I'll admit I am fairly new to
electrical experimentation but I have learned, some seem to make no
progress and continue to claim resonant tank activity is OU and all sorts of
silly stuff.

I'm all for investigating promising techniques but there's people flogging dead
horses all over the place, it's off putting yes.

Dave you need to get some video of you're OU performance measured
properly and accurately.

Battery voltages will lead you astray for as long as you put stock in them.
Real power in compared to real power out or to put it another way energy in
compared to energy out, that is all that really matters.