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Basic Free Energy Device

I can barely stand to come to this forum anymore. Most of the builders I have worked with for so many years have given up and moved on, although I am in contact with MANY of them by email or phone on occasion. All we are left with now are a bunch of folks who jump from thread to thread posting videos they have seen on YouTube that they believe are "for real" and a bunch of others who feel compelled to share how the "THEORY" they have come up with applies to every possible thread on the forum.

That was NEVER the purpose of this forum. NEVER.

I read yesterday that John Bedini doesn't come here because of all the nasty things that people here say to each other. Obviously this person knows John Bedini personally and John has confided in him right? I doubt it. Perhaps John doesn't post anymore because he got sick and tired of trying to tell us exactly how to do something and then having everyone do it their own way, or posting all kinds of crap theories about how it works without ever having built a single thing themselves. YEARS of that can wear you down. Do I know this for sure? No. Because I don't know John personally. But then I am not CLAIMING to know WHAT John thinks. I simply made a suggestion as to a POSSIBLE motive. Unless you DO know John and he does confide in you, I DOUBT you know why he doesn't post here very often either. But John already said his piece. We just need to LISTEN.

So here is what I propose. Let us begin with a basic concept for THAT free energy device. EVERYONE who contributes to the thread must first show that they have built the basic prototype or their comments will be completely ignored and we will ask that they just leave.

If you have an idea, great…build it. If you have a theory, great, implement it. If you have a suggestion, modify your OWN build and THEN report the results. DONT come on here with half assed ideas you expect others to implement because you had a wet dream about how something should be constructed or it came to you in a vision because you ate some mushrooms you grew in your back yard. Don't give us theories on how it should work or why it should work. Build the thing and show us that it DOES work and THEN tell us what you DID, not what you're "GOING to do." We don't want theories, we want action. A theory is not something you should share. It is something you should APPY to your own build, and IF it is successful and produces free energy, THEN you share it. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

Trial and Error
Presentation of FACTS NOT THEORIES. Let YOUR theories influence YOUR build not everyone else's
Replication of successful builds.
THAT'S the foundation this forum was built on.

John showed us what he said was a working free energy device and stated that we had everything we needed to make it work.

It consisted of:
A battery
A motor
An energizer or generator
A flywheel
A control circuit to pulse the motor and charge the battery during the off time between pulses.

Oh, and by the way…John showed how to build the device. He did not spend pages and pages going into the theory of why or how it worked. He just explained how to BUILD it. If you build it and it works, then we will figure out the why and the how so we can apply the concepts to other models.

How many of you who claim to be builders have actually taken the time to build this simple device and see the results? And then modify your device. And then modify it again. And discuss your results with others who are also building. That is what I am asking that we get back to on this thread. If you want to talk theory, go find another thread.

I have built such a device. It produces more out than in. I built a small prototype and then spent a few thousand dollars developing a larger prototype which I was sure would be "it." I have come to understand enough that I will have to build yet a third prototype. But I have gone back to working with a small unit to perfect it before I go to the expense of building another 12 coil unit

But I am NOT done experimenting. Length of coil. Distance of winds from magnet. Size of magnet. Distance between magnet and core. Core material. Size of wire. Length of wire. Number of coils vs number of magnets on rotor. One rotor, or rotors at both ends of coil. Universal motor or pulse motor. Motor run in standard configuration or 3BGS configuration. Standard winding on stock motor or rewound motor that uses far less amps to run. Weight of flywheel. Distance of weights from center axis. Pulse length. Position of magnet to coil when pulse is initiated. These are some of the things I am experimenting with. It would go way faster if I had some others working with me, but make no mistake. I WILL keep improving this design.

A simple two coil device should put out TWICE the power that the motor consumes in running and 80-85% of what the motor uses should be recoverable. That is the basic unit. Just two coils and a rotor run by a motor with a flywheel.
Build it. Show it. Let us see your results. THEN lets figure out how to make some history.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it…..the device I have built, while it would seem to be a replication of John B's device, it really is NOT. John never gave specifics as to size of coil, size of wire, length of wire, size of magnet, etc. He just gave the basics. The specs I quoted above are for my replication of ANOTHER builder's device. His name is Matt Jones. All the "specifics" are his, based on a whole heck of a lot of actual BUILDING and EXPERIMENTING.

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