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Originally Posted by amigo View Post
Saw this on and I have a feeling this fellow might be on the right track.

YouTube - Magnet Motor Prototype

The problem I have seen with all permanent magnet motors so far is that everyone keeps thinking in two dimensions which is a big shortcoming.

This fellow has expanded into the third dimension and you can already see improvement over those two dimensional spiral motors.

I would take this a few steps further (or turn it up couple of notches ). Instead of a cylinder use an inverted cone (apex down) so that we have a vortex/spiral, and pieces on the cone are constantly spiraling or "falling" down into the vortex. I remember reading about David Hamel and his revelations where he said that his device is all about being out of alignment and constantly "falling" so that clicked in right away after seeing this.


Here is another great motor he claims the battery keeps rising which is more than most posted inventions have ever done. Most drain the battery.

Microwave Transformer Magnet Motor - YouTube

Magnetic generator Motor using Microwave Oven parts - YouTube


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