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Originally Posted by new_world View Post
For me this is the bad copy of CRE device made from Dr. Stiffler or I'm wrong?

Dr. Stiffler CRE, my version - YouTube
Wrong, I think, if you don't mind me saying, the bad copy is what you have done, or I should say your understanding.

The caps are for electron capture from recombination of H and O "hydrogen cell"

The electrodes change potencial + -

The spike you see in your video is the recombination of H and O "electron ejection"

In my video the electrolyte is not salt and water, you will notice the one electrode changes colour in my video, this is molecular change also giving up electrons which are collected, the real power behind the system

The gas output in mine is nearly all Hydrogen, the oxygen has been used up in oxidation, that is the colour change as carbon is used in the electrolyte in the form of CO2, a carbon oxide is formed in one moment and then in the next hydrogenated.

Huge electron movement takes place in SMD, it can give nearly twice the amount of "hydrogen" than normal electrolysis, the trick is using up the oxygen in chemical change that gives up electrons which are reused to create the hydrogen.




This is many years of work and is still ongoing, it has now developed into the hydrogen pile.
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