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Bad News/Good news!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (A&E 9/11) had planned to display a large billboard directly across the street from the New York Times during the month of September. Unfortunately, the plan fell through, although A&E 9/11 has been successful in obtaining an even better showcase for their display using the 45 foot digital video screen at Times Square in Manhattan!

The following news flash comes from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

We have some good news and some bad news to share about our 13th Anniversary ReThink911 billboard, but don't worry! We think the good news far outweighs the bad.

The bad news unfortunately, we cannot go forward with the billboard directly in front of the New York Times Building. The group currently occupying it has a year-long contract. While they had agreed with the billboard company to take a break for the month of September so that we could have the space, the agreement allowed them to change their mind until the last minute, and unfortunately they exercised that option.

The good news
(and we think it's really good!) is that we found an even more stunning billboard just one block away at the corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. Not only does this billboard draw maximum attention by facing in two directions while towering over one of the busiest intersections in Manhattan; but its also digital, which allows us to show practically life-size video footage of WTC 7s symmetrical destruction. And thats exactly what we plan to do!

For 15 seconds out of every two minutes, people walking by will see WTC 7s free-fall descent the vast majority of them for the first time on two massive 45 by 45 screens. Altogether, well reach 100,000 people each day, amounting to 3 million viewings from September 8th to October 5th! The message will be simple and powerful, encouraging viewers to trust their instincts about WTC 7s smooth, symmetrical downward motion and follow up at
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