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Very cool Dave, I am curious/excited to hear your results. I am slowly making progress in getting my workshop back together at our new place. I am hoping to be able to get back to experimenting again soon. I have a machinist friend making some of the parts for the rotating of the batteries. I look everyday with hopes that someone is making some progress.

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My life is so complicated right now I badly have time to post, but I wanted to let folks know that I haven't faded completely into the woodwork. Remodeling one house to sell, while fixing up another close to our property to live in while we build our retirement home on a third property. And property one is 2 1/2 hours from property 2 and 3.

Anyway, here is a picture of the generator. The two white stacks each contain six coils. The wheel on the left with the red pieces in it is the flywheel. That is a small razor scooter motor to the right which runs the whole thing. It runs as a motor until it is up to speed, and then will run as a generator. I have data from previous test runs, but have burnt up two razor scooter motors trying to turn that 10 lb flywheel from a standstill plus overcome magnetic lock of the rotors on the coil cores running it with JUST the motor. But I HAVE run it that way, so I know how many amps it takes to run, and how many volts each coil puts out TO A LOAD at 1800 rpm (which is where it puts out 120-130 volts.) I have ordered all the electronics, but some of the parts are on backorder, so don't know when I will have this up and running and can post test data. Can't wait to see what it does when it is all working properly. I know what I have seen with just two coils and the same rotor setup in long test runs. If I get several times that with 12 coils, I am home free.

As I said, the setup JB says to run in the Free Energy Generation handbook, run with a pulse motor on the 3BGS setup which gives longer runs, charges the batteries during the off pulse, and uses the stock motor as a generator by running it between the positives…This setup combines everything I have learned so far….except that I have already thought of half a dozen improvements for the next version.