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Originally Posted by GSM View Post
Hi to you thx1138.

I have become very seriously unwell via thus column, but I also trust that you too and otherwise are remaining well.

I also expect remained expressed here, with your own remains similar completely usefull here, and still not yet properly investigated.

Very Best Wishes ..... Graham.

( Then check out the video link from 18:30 to 26:00 paying particular attention to your point out at 25:25. )
Sorry to hear of your problems. I am physically fine but have suffered a few hits with loved ones and finances recently.

Here's what is missing from the non-working builds. The magnets were said to be radar magnets and the ones shown look like what is used to make a radar magnetron. I don't know, however, how radar magnetron magnets are magnetized or what their field would look like. I think assuming the magnet is magnetized like a regular horseshoe magnet may be a mistake.

Note the jets coming out of the hole in the Primer Field videos and keep in mind that the plasma is just demonstrating the shape of the field. He never says, however, how his bowl magnets are magnetized other that saying they a "specially prepared".

Also note the underlined text in the bottom right of the image. Radar magnets are designed to create a magnetic field along the axis of the hole in the magnets which is what leads me to think they are not magnetized like a horseshoe magnet. The bottom, left image is just my guess as to how radar magnets are magnetized.
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