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Originally Posted by Allcanadian View Post
We use time and space as measures to rationalize things which are tangible and if there is nothing tangible then they cease to exist. The trick to remember here is that we have created these things in our mind as a way to relate to our surroundings.
You have only said the same thing I did. Space and time are unreal abstractions of measure and magnitude.

You , however, forget that TIME and SPACE are measures of magnitudes and times etc to traverse them, etc etc.

But ALL magnitude/mass/matter is ONLY definitionally MASSIVE/ (has) Magnitude due to radiative magnetic fields.

Suggest you read Plotinus "ON TIME" in the ENNEADS

The Greek Neoplatonists mastered this to 10,000% perfection 2000 years ago on a level humans today find impossible to grasp

Originally Posted by Allcanadian View Post
Nature is simple, it does not need equations or complex terminology, it is what it is and does what it does regardless of what we believe.

No, nature is SIMPLEX, not simple.

Ive said a 1000 times "mother nature does NO math", so , correct.
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