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Space doesnt exist except as the byproduct of radiative fields (=polarization).
Einstein, the SOB that he was, reified it, the fallacy of attribute reification.
I'm not sure I would agree and prefer a simpler version. Space is a measure we use to rationalize distance and volume. As such saying it is a byproduct of radiative fields is like saying inches are also byproduct which is really no different than what Einstein did.

Space and time are a measure of something and have no attributes, they are not byproducts of anything nor do they have properties or carry anything. We use time and space as measures to rationalize things which are tangible and if there is nothing tangible then they cease to exist. The trick to remember here is that we have created these things in our mind as a way to relate to our surroundings.

I believe this is why most all of the greatest minds in our history spent a great deal of time outdoors. It keeps us grounded unlike those who spend their lives reading textbooks or searching the internet for answers creating their own little world which bears no resemblance to reality.
Nature is simple, it does not need equations or complex terminology, it is what it is and does what it does regardless of what we believe.

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