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Forced vaccination

This seems like a timely topic. How is it possible that America is number one in infant mortality? We spend more than any other country on health but, are the sickest. We are number one at vaccinating our children but, they are dying.
Fighting Forced Vaccination in America in 2014: 58 Bills in 24 States Threatening Right to Refuse Vaccines | Health Impact News
Part of this is explained by our rate of premature births BUT, the premature births seem to be caused by bad health,,, among other things.
Premature Births Help Explain Higher U.S. Infant Mortality Rate
Too many people are just not aware that vaccinations to infants can be very dangerous.

Like it or not, GOV may come after all of us and force vaccinations. Dave Hodges
"Again, I want to remind the readers that various law enforcement agencies, through mock drills, practiced administering mandatory vaccines during the H1N1 scare five years ago. Previously, I had reported the following with regard to vaccines, law enforcement and what probably lies in our future.

History Speaks Will America Listen?

roadblocks During the H1n1 scare of a few years ago, we know that law enforcement officials in several states practiced a DUI roadblock kind of scenario in several states in which they were equipped with mock vaccine testing equipment to tell whether someone, or not, had been given the new vaccine against the virus.
The roadblock consisted a large van for processing, a couple of buses and chase cars on the flanks to run down people who tried to avoid the checkpoint. According to my well-placed sources in Colorado, this was rehearsed over and over. These law enforcement officers were told that their families would be collected by DHS and protected in isolation against the spread of the pathogen and any resulting rioting.
A highly decorated State Trooper from Kansas, Greg Evensen (Ret.), stated on my show that these families would be not held for safekeeping, they were to be held hostage to force the law enforcement officials to do the bidding of the powers that be.
The Ebola Crisis Just Went From Bad to Worse | Pakalert Press

So much for the flu. What about an Ebola outbreak?
"On a recent July day at a Sierra Leone hospital in Kenema, he found himself amid 55 patients infected with Ebola. Bausch, except for one other doctor, was alone. The nurses, according to a Reuters report, had vanished."
The challenge of stopping Ebola when it keeps killing doctors - The Washington Post
The CDC seems to think that Ebola can be transmitted through the air.
It's Airborne: CDC Warns of "infectious material through the air" | The Daily Sheeple
This is, of course, the same CDC that holds a patent on one strain of Ebola;
Why Do the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Own a Patent on Ebola “Invention?” | Global Research
Baxter Pharmaceuticals finally admitted that they had sent millions of batches of contaminated flu vaccine to Eastern Europe.
Imagine trying to contain an outbreak of Ebola if Everybody was terrified of contact with other humans. Reportedly, there is a natural cure. Looks pretty shakey to me.
If the PTB want Ebola to spread, I imagine that it will spread.
They have already whipped up a war between Sunni and Shia.
Sheikh Imran Hosein - The Diabolic Plan for World Sunni - Shia Civil War!
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