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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post

momentum is the product of inertia (m) and velocity (v). p=ma. it turns out that momentum is always conserved in any closed system. momentum is related to inertia, as you can see. The more inertia something has, the more momentum it has, when in motion.

This is another huge HOLE in the quilt of human understanding, momentum of a moving Ether modality with a transverse spatial quality can be grasped, but a dielectric inertial cannot be understood this inertia is a property of the Ether which a prior to space and time.

Since there are not fields in space, rather only polarized fields which create space and time, dielectricity is exempt from current (and insane) concepts of "classical" and "conventional" inertia.

consider this:

Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields

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