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Bedini SG: The Complete Advanced Handbook

Hey folks,

As you can see, all projected dates have come and gone. So here is the current outlook on this project.

I demonstrated a working model of a totally tuned-up SG unit at the Conference. It could be run in standard mode or generator mode, and it had a totally "drag-free" extra generator coil on it lighting up 40 LEDs. The machine did not lose a single RPM whether the LEDs were lit or not.

I have always said that the third book would be about tapping the mechanical energy of the wheel, so this test machine was the first step in making sure I wasn't blowing smoke up my own ###! Now that this process is understood, the project can move to completion.

I have already discussed the entire content with John and he has OK'd the outline, so everything is in place for the book to be written. I am hoping it will be ready for release near the end of October of this year, or shortly thereafter.

And don't worry, it will be the best one yet!!!

Best regards,
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