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You are correct you should have gotten a response, and for that I say I'm sorry, but please know your postings don't go unnoticed. I actually look at this forum in hopes that you or someone has posted something more on the 3bgs thread. I must admit I don' post much at all, and I should I know. I have been working on building a setup using 24 volt wheelchair motors with 76 ah agm batteries. I have also designed a switch that will allow me to rotate the batteries while the system is running, working on the final construction of switch. In theory I am thinking the batteries could potentially switch at a rate of speed that the system could keep all three batteries charged and potentially each one run a load along with the main system load.

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Is the forum so dead that I post this information and don't get a single response? I can see that checking in here is becoming a waste of time. It has been real.