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Ignition Secrets and Water Fuel Secrets

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
You ain't kiddin Aaron

That stuff is incredible. I have been wondering when the time would come for you to release more of a collective package. Thanks so much for being there and for puttin up with the likes of these people who never have anything good to say thinking it is another scam.

This stuff is real and if people have their minds made up you can't help them.

Thanks for the great work on the jet and the lawnmower that takes so little energy to run on water using the ignition plasma stuff.

Keep it up.

Thanks for the kind words Mike!

It is definitely real and I even give some powerful references from NASA, etc... who are saying the same thing.

With my jet engine, I show a video in the Water Fuel Secrets package coming out day after tomorrow where it is running but the propane pressure is on 0 psi - doesn't mean no propane, but just a trickle too small to measure on that gauge. To give you an idea, before recycling exhaust or using plasma, etc... for the exact same regulator/valve, it took 8 psi just to get it to idle. By the time I was done, the needle is on 0 which I believe it means it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.1 to 1.0 psi. Even at 1 psi that is a HUGE reduction.

And, I didn't even try to modify the steam with the RF yet but I already have those amazing results!
Aaron Murakami

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