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Originally Posted by ronym View Post
i think earth has capacity to become negative pole than positive pole
few years ago i have "weird" result from my "ground" pole
i using earth as negative pole against positive pole from ignition coil
this setup make it as unusual electrical circuit
because usually if we use earth as "grounding" we attach it with negative pole of battery
but this time i am not connecting negative pole of battery to the ground
( i just connecting negative pole of battery to 555+Transistor and negative pole of ignition coil )
"theoretically" this circuit will not work ( positive pole of coil are not against negative pole of coil... rather it's agains "nothing" )
but i am surprize by it's result :
1. high voltage DC, jump between positive pole of ignition coil and the earth. as if the earth become negative pole
( just make few mm gap between positive cable from coil agains floor or soil will do the same )
2. in this electric jump, i heard "humming" or "cracking" sound
3. transistor become colder ( compared to "normal" setup )
4. 555 output freq seems increasing ( if we attach it to running LED or freq counter we get freq of circuit jumping )
and when i turn the potentiometer i am failed to change it's freq
as if it's freq lock in the circuit
This is very interesting. Am I right in understanding this is the way your set your circuit up?

- grounding rod connected to positive of battery (Lead acid battery?)
- negative of battery to 555 timer (astable mode)
- output of 555 timer to negative terminal of ignition coil
- positive terminal of ignition coil to earth with 2 mm spark gap between pos. terminal and wire

Is this the way you set your circuit up?
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