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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Just thought I would post this for you all.
Bedini's SG, Gen Mode, Splitting The Positive - YouTube

Does this look a little familiar??
So it looks like the key to charging the primary back up is to run a load between positives on the SG machines. However it was clearly pointed out that the secondary charged up and then the primary charged up at the end.

If this is the way it is really charged up then I don't think it is an EXTRA ENERGY function, just a re-transferring of power from one battery, back to another.

Almost looks like a magic trick. See my hand? See my other hand?? See it? See it? Well after awhile everyone catches up.

I will try this and see what can come of it. I guess the DC motor could be hooked to a generator also and recover THAT LOAD ENERGY back to the source for faster charging of the primary but fast is not always good for batteries.

The way it was presented using GENMODE was that magically the primary charged up too, WHILE the secondary still kept charging.

Unless a start battery (Like a lawnmower uses) is employed to collect up a quick surface charge the few minute energy transfer will not seem as impressive.

Anyone who has been charging TRUE deep cycles knows that. A true deep cycle battery with all of it's delivery and performance curves require long hours at proper input levels to charge it up sufficiently so power may be retrieved at a known level.

Instead start batteries perform just the opposite. They charge fast and empty fast and if we compare these charges to a true deep cycle thinking we have the power like deep cycles delivers, we are going to be fooled.

I have several 100ah start batteries and some converted to ALUM as well and I wouldn't give you a nickel for them. During the power failures we have here I can only run them for minutes compared to the hours deep cycle battery gives for hours.

Any serious experimenter should change out their cheap lawnmower batteries for the good ones and this way when you make a measurement you won't be making that mistake.

When I see a video now using a start battery I write it off as a novel experiment non practical application.

But I did not know that running a little dc motor between positives would transfer the power back to the primary. That way I don't have to use a battery changer.

These are my views thus far and I might be wrong, I don't know, and if I am corrected so be it. I always enjoy being set straight where I have missed it.

This is the best I can do with what I have witnessed with my SG OSC and wide range of batteries.

Of course the video shows a motor burning up huge amounts of AMPS in a short space zapping up a battery so this is COP less than 1.