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I, too have built many magnetic motors. Almost all have equalized after a brief running period. Only two prototypes have caused me to reevaluate what is happening and why. Both use magnetism and gravity working in unison to propel the machines. I think a pure magnetic motor is possible given the correct alignment and dimentions. But I also feel that a combo motor is more practical, using magnetic and another energy source to compliment each other. I am now designing a new motor to utilize these energy forces to enhance the power and adding to the magnetic power already inherent in the magnets. I have two such machines on the drawing board(cad) as we speak. With some tweaking and experimenting, it should be very possible to get one, if not both up and self running. Both use the same concept but very different configurations. Only after I build a prototype will I know their limitations and parameters. I have hope that, at least one will be feasible as a self running motor. One will be very simple to build, while the other one will require major machining and strict tolerances. Good Luck with your designs. Stealth
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