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Waiting, waiting

Hi Rose, Ann, Susannah,Moria, Stephen, Joy, Henrii, Chansonette, Terry & Pamela,

This is going to be such a great thread once we've all read our books & can share ideas. Thanks to everyone who has posted so far.

Stephen I am so glad that you are able to attend the seminars & can't wait to hear all about them. I'd love to be able to attend one. I was also just so excited when I watched the videos & checked out the site that I felt that I just had to do this.

I'm still waiting to receive my book. The postie has been today so now I will have to contain myself with impatience over the weekend & hope that I receive it early next week. I ordered it May 1st, so surely it can't be too much longer, even to get to "Down Under".

Moria, I hope that you have received your by now.

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